General about veganism


A vegan product is completely free from any animal products. In the development and production, among other foods such as meat, fish, gelatin, egg, milk products and honey, but also beeswax, leather, wool and silk are omitted. Veganism is a conviction and life philosophy.


The word "vegan" consists of the beginning and the end of the English word "vegetarian" (in English "vegetarian"). Creator of the word was the Englishman Donald Watson. In 1944 he founded the "Vegan Society" as a separation of the English "Vegetarian Society". He believed that ovo-lacto-vegetarians contradict the understanding of vegetarianism by eating animal products by eating milk and eggs, thus supporting the exploitation of living things. To live vegan means to go one step further. Vegan life leads to a change of all habits.


Reasons for veganism


As incentive, vegans claim ethical reasons, but above all humanitarian, ecological and spiritual motives. Veganism grants the right to life, intactness and freedom to living beings capable of suffering. It therefore implies the advocacy of animal rights.